Sara's Scrolls

Owner: Sara Helgen

Sara’s Scrolls is one of the only two magic shops in all of Seredia. Unlike Green Cauldren, Sara’s Scrolls deals with scrolls and a very small magical ring selection rather than material components for spells and potions. Sara Helgen is what some would call a witch, but by trade and not attitude. She is known in the town as a nice, caring person who is willing to lower the price for those in dire need of help.

The following prices are for one of each scroll, where the x# is the number in stock.

Scroll Selection: (Scrolls weigh .5 lbs per level. Sara only sells 1st level scrolls)
Mage Armor (x3) – 25gp
Identify (x2) – 150gp
Sleep (x5) – 25gp
Cure Light Wounds (x6) – 30gp
Comprehend Languages (x1) – 25gp

Ring Selection: (Rings have no weight)
Protection +1 (x1) – 2000gp
Feather Falling (x1) – 2200gp
Climbing (x1) – 2500gp

Services & Other Goods:
Magic Item Identification – 125gp and 24 hours
Wizard’s Spellbook (x2) – 15gp – 3lb
Wooden Holy Symbol (x5) – 1gp – no weight
Silver Holy Symbol (x2) – 25gp – l1b

Sara's Scrolls

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