Blueoak Keep

Blueoak Keep is an independent location just over the border to the scourgelands. It is a 6 hour walk away from Seredia and for centuries has been lost to Geneda.When it was discovered by the party it was overrun with zombies and had been under the control of the Scarlet Shadow. The deed turned up in Count Jerald’s hand and he hired a team to overtake the keep, which ran successfully. He then bestowed the keep unto them and clean it up in return for them doing more favors for him.

It was later found out that the keep was involved centuries ago for a group known as the Blueoak Bandits. What had been going on was that the bandits were terrorizing Seredia because the town was close to being defenseless. Eventually a guard from Seredia joined up with the Blueoak Bandits and rose to power. He then suggested and oversaw the construction of the keep to be a base for the bandits, as they had been hiding in caves. However, when the keep was finished he marched in a militia and overtook the base for Seredia and took out the bandits. From then on it served as an outpost of Seredia and a symbol of power of the Seredian people.

After being given to the team of adventurers, Count Jerald had it fixed up for them and gave them servants to take care of the grounds. This is what it currently looks like:

Rough blueoak keep

Blueoak Keep

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