‎"And so ends the tale of the Order of the Emerald Path- their world in ruins, and each in their eternal resting places, or in the case of one smooth-talking gnome, by the side of Sulfuron the Unmaker. Some of the heroes through valor, determination, or dumb luck have landed themselves in paradise, while others are subject to pain and woe for the rest of time. While they might not have learned their lesson, we can learn from them. Keep sight of your dreams and desires, make sure everyone knows your goal, and work together as a cohesive unit rather than competing for goblin skull counts. Well, you didn’t come here for a story, you came here because of the poster that was put up. The representative of the Count should be here soon to tell you about your goal and, if you succeed, your reward. Sorry to talk your ear off about that crazy, storybook calamity- let me buy us another round while you wait." Old Man at the Tavern

The 23 Artefacts of Syvega

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