Venoms and Things

Owner: Aasim

A shop devoted to different venom and poisons from the scorpionfolk and other dangerous desert creatures. It also doubles as a general, but limited, adventuring gear store. Aasim says little, but if you get him going on the topic of venom you will never hear the end of it.

Adventuring Gear:
Backpack – 4gp – 2lb
Flint and steel – 2gp – no weight
Grappling Hook – 4gp – 4lb
50ft Hempen Rope – 1gp – 10lb
Tent – 15gp – 20lb
Torch – 1cp – 1lb
Climber’s Kit – 60gp – 5lb

General Gear:
Chalk – 1cp – no weight
Clay Jug – 3cp – 9lb
Clay Tankard – 2cp -1lb
Shovel – 10gp – 8lb

Venom & Posions: (see DMG/PHB for stats, all single use)
Scorpion venom – 200gp – no weight
Sassone leaf residue – 300gp – no weight
Dragon bile – 1500gp – no weight
Black lotus extract – 4500gp – no weight
Bloodroot – 100gp – no weight
Acid (Flask) – 10gp – 1lb

Venoms and Things

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