The Seredian Marketplace

The Seredian Marketplace is a mixture of all the non-official business such as farmers and fishermen and those with other wares to sell who get together in the center of town at noon and try to sell their wares. Since it’s a collection of many lesser known residents of Seredia and the fact that there is no owner, the name of the shopkeepers don’t bare much recognition.

Chicken – 2cp
Sheep – 2gp
Pig – 3gp
Cow – 10gp
Ox – 15gp

Food & Ingrediants:
Sack of Wheat – 1cp – 1lb
Sack of Flour – 2cp – 1lb
Sack of Salt – 5gp – 1lb
Sack of Cinnamon – 1gp – 1lb
Bread Loaf – 2cp – .5lb
Hunk of Cheese – 1sp – .5lb
Chunk of Meat – 3sp – .5lb
Gallon of Ale – 2sp – 8lb
Bottle of Fine Wine – 10gp – 2lb

Other Goods:
Firewood (per day) – 1cp – 20lb
Fishing Net (25 sq. ft.) – 4gp – 5lb
Fishhook – 1sp – no weight
Fishing Pole – 1sp – 1lb
Clay Jug – 3cp – 9lb
Clay Mug – 2cp – 1lb
Soap – 5sp – 1lb
Candle – 1cp – no weight

The Seredian Marketplace

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