Seredia Stables and Steeds

Owner: Rodger Folt

The only commercial stables in Seredia, Seredia Stables and Steeds is an all-in-one shop and stabling solution for your mounts and pets. Run by the Folt family for generations, this stable has a good reputation for taking top-notch care of all stabled animals.

Mounts & Pets:
Heavy Horse – 200gp
Light Horse – 75gp
Pony – 30gp
Warpony – 100gp
Riding Dog – 150gp
Guard Dog – 25gp
Donkey – 8gp

Riding Saddle – 10gp – 25lb
Exotic Riding Saddle – 30gp – 30lb
Military Saddle – 20gp – 30lb
Pack Saddle – 5gp – 15lb
Saddlebags – 4gp – 8lb
Medium Barding – x2 Human Cost – x1lb
Large Barding – x4 Human Cost – x2lb
Feed (per day) – 5cp – 10lb
Cart – 15gp – 200lb
Wagon – 35gp – 400lb

Stabling (per day) – 5sp

Seredia Stables and Steeds

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