Scoria is a town of scorpionfolk who have abandoned their barbaric ways and settled down to be traders and more domesticated than their peers. Unlike the other nomadic tribes, the Scorcian scorpionfolk focus on trade, defenses, and their religious beliefs which have altered slightly since settling down.

While they revere the same god, they have changed the teachings to reflect their new way of life, finding alternative meanings to their old legends to resemble prosperity rather than war.

They gladly take in strangers, such as random adventuring groups, and give them shelter from harsh sandstorms so long as they can prove their worth in the arena.

They have also recently given such a group the task of retrieving the Scorpion’s Sting, a whip made from pure gold, from underground ruins which have recently be besieged by pillagers of some kind.

Shops & Buildings:

Venoms and Things
The Broken Claw
Blessing of the Sands
Pick Your Poison

High Tower – The tall mud building in the back of the village, it holds the home of the King of Scorcia, his High Priestess of the Scorpion God, and the barracks and armory for the guard.


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