Scarlet Shadow

The Scarlet Shadow is the group that was found to be at work with the zombies at Blueoak Keep, but not much is known about this group other than that they likely operate out of the scourgelands. Whether or not they are a cult, religious group, or something else is unknown beyond that they had necromancers raising zombies near the border of the scourgelands and Seredia, as well as in a few other location deeper into the Scourgelands. While initially talking to the Count he admitted he did not know too much about group, aside that they may have been the ones behind other attacks on the people of Geneda in the past.

Since the first encounter, more has been learned about them, such as the fact that they were witnessed summoning and then fighting with demonic entities in a cave hideout. Their only other known base of operations is about a week’s travel from Seredia near the midpoint of the scourgelands.

Count Jerald also hasn’t only been sending the group, but other adventuring parties as well. Sadie the Cleric joined up with part of the group as they headed to Gizmodo’s Mechanical Dungeon and informed them of her group’s failed mission to infiltrate the midpoint base.

Later on they tried an attack on Seredia which was foiled by the adventuring party. Later, the group also ran into them outside Wyvern Mountain as they were being killed by the hobgoblins that inhabited the caves in the mountain.

Most recently the group sought to take over another keep, dubbed Scarlet Shadow Keep out further into the scourgelands. Once there, the group stopped a ritual summoning consisting of both Scarlet Shadow casters and prisoners. A quick trip through a couple magical trap doors led the group retreating, before finally being sucked into a portal caused by the interrupted summoning.

Scarlet Shadow

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