Iron-Skin and Leather

Owner: Charles Hurr

Charles Hurr is a blacksmith from Seredia, his father was a blacksmith, his father before him, and his before him, all throughout history. They have also been folk who prefer the fine points of life-saving armor than life-taking weapons. Hurr himself is a grizzly man, long facial hair, skin darkened by soot, and a deep, bellowing voice. He believes in fair trade and does not negotiate on his prices but may be willing to barter.

Light Armor:
Padded – 5gp – 10lb
Leather – 10gp – 15lb
Studded Leather – 25gp – 20lb
Chain Shirt – 100gp – 25lb

Medium Armor:
Hide – 15gp – 25lb
Scale Mail – 50gp – 30lb
Chainmail – 150gp – 40lb
Breastplate – 200gp – 30lb

Heavy Armor:
Splint Mail – 200gp – 45lb
Banded Mail – 250gp – 35lb
Half-Plate – 600gp – 50lb
Full-Plate – 1500gp – 50lb

Buckler – 15gp – 5lb
Light Wooden – 3gp – 5lb
Light Steel – 9gp – 6lb
Heavy Wooden – 7gp – 10lb
Heavy Steel – 20gp – 15lb
Tower – 30gp – 45lb

Other Items & Services:
Locked Gauntlets – 8gp – +5lb
Shield Spikes – 10gp – +5lb
Armor Spikes – 50gp – +10lb
Masterwork Armor or Shield (Only on new items) – +150gp

Iron-Skin and Leather

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