Green Cauldron

Owner:Synthia Greyblood

Green Cauldron is one of the two magic shops in Seredia, with their specialty being potions and material components for arcane spellcasters. The owner Synthia Greyblood claims to be from a line of powerful sorcerers and mages with her ancestry mixing with that of powerful dragons. Whether these claims are true or not are unknown, but what is known is Synthia’s ability to create high quality potions to help out the town. Despite her rude and straightforward approach to people she usually has good intentions.

The following prices are for one of each item, where the x# is the number in stock.

Potions: (Potions weigh half a pound)
Cure Light Wounds (x5) – 55gp
Mage Armor – (x2) – 50gp
Cure Moderate Wounds (x2) – 300gp
Hide From Animals – (x4) – 50gp
Hide From Undead – (x5) – 50gp

Material Components:
Spell Component Pouch (x3) – 5gp – 2lb
Black Onyx Gems (x7) – 75gp – 5lb
Gold Dust (x10) – 25gp – 1lb
5 Pounds of Powdered Silver (x2) – 25gp – 5lb
Crushed Black Pearl Powder (x1) – 550 gp – 1lb
Crushed Pearl with Wine and Owl Feather (x8) – 100gp – 3lb
Ruby Dust (x3) – 55gp – 1lb
Holy Water (x4) – 25gp – 1lb
Unholy Water (x1) – 40gp – 1lb

Green Cauldron

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