Blessing of the Sands

Ower: Sami

The lone holy and magic shop, most of the items are dedicated to the Scorpion God, but some general regents and supplies can be found here too. Sami is always eager to greet her customers with a smile and a blessing.

Cure Light Wounds – 45gp – .5lb
Cure Moderate Wounds – 100gp – 1lb
Cure Serious Wounds – 185gp – 1.5lb
Light – 20gp – .5lb

Potions: (Potions weigh half a pound each)
Cure Light Wounds (x20)- 60gp
Cure Moderate Wounds (x5)- 255gp
Hide From Undead (x2) – 25gp
Sanctuary (x3) – 80gp
Endure Elements (x7) – 30gp

Holy Water (x2) – 25gp – 1lb
Spell Component Pouch (x3) – 5gp – 2lb
Silver Holy Symbol (Scorpion God) – 20gp – 1lb

Magic Items:
Ring of Protection +1 – 1500gp
Ring of the Scorpion, lesser – 700gp
Ring of the Scorpion, greater – 2000gp

Blessing of the Sands

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