Starting now there are ACHIEVEMENTS in D&D! They all have their descriptions hidden until discovered, and unless otherwise noted, only one person can get a given target, once. So once one person discovers it, no one else can get it unless otherwise noted.

+ Multiple people can get these multiple times (usually once per session).
^ Multiple people can get these once each for the campaign.
Also, there are group achievements which will give everyone hero points, but you gotta work together!

For all of the achievements I will put the person and the date, and for the +’s I will put the person followed by all the dates they got it. Travis goes down as getting the first ever achievement! Which is a Feat of Strength. FoS don’t give hero points, but are points of honor. And I will be adding more Feats and Achievements as I go, or if someone does something I may decided right then and there to make it an achievement.

Oh, and did I mention you get hero points everytime you get an achievement?


$&@%!!! – Get a natural 20 followed by a natural 1.+
Travis – 7/24/12
Tyler – 8/11/12

And Eat It, Too!

Cool Story, Bro

Critical Is An Understatement – Confirm a Crit with another Crit, and then confirm that for an auto-kill.+
Travis – 8/18/12

Critical Shit – Have your character downed by a DM Crit.+
Tim – 9/15/12

Don’t Fear The Reaper – Roll a Natural 1 on a save check that results in death.+
Jason – 7/31/12, 8/11/12

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again – Succeed on your first roll to stop bleeding out.
Tim – 9/15/12

I Have The Worst Luck… – Roll and confirm three Natural 1’s in a session.+
Jason – 7/31/12

I Shouldn’t Be Alive!

Must’ve Been The Wind – Watch in agony as your d20 slowly tips from a success to a failure.
Tyler – 8/11/12

Roleplay Til You Die! – Have your character die strictly because you played in character.
Travis – 7/31/12

The Safety Dance

What’d You Say To Me?

When In Doubt

You Have Evasion, Right?


Divided We Fall

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Feats of Strength:

First Achievement – Obtain the first D&D Achievement in the campaign!
Travis – 7/24/12

First Death – Be the first one to die in the campaign!
Travis – 7/31/12

Appreciate the DM – Give the DM $158 so he can buy ALL THE MINIS!
Everyone – 8/22/12


The 23 Artefacts of Syvega Naggash