23 Artefacts of Syvega

Throughout the world and its history there have been great individuals who created 23 amazing wondrous items. These items are weapons, armor, tools and anything other item of great, otherworldly power.

The exact names of all of these great artefacts and those who made them are unknown to any one man, let alone are the names or even the existence of these artefacts known to most people. Those who are aware usually only heard them in myths and legends and even the most informed know only a couple or artefacts and possibly their creator.

While the number of the artefacts is actually known in the world, the number of people who made them is not. It is estimated by scholars that the total number of creators is between ten and fifteen, with some creating multiple items.

The only information about specific artefacts currently known to the group is very little. In short, it is believed that in the nearby, recently discovered dungeon of Gizmodo Gadgetzan, a artefact lay in wait. Gizmodo is known as one of these great creators who forged one or more of the artefacts and set up a mechanical dungeon to guard it.

23 Artefacts of Syvega

The 23 Artefacts of Syvega Naggash