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  • Seredia

    h4. List of Buildings: *Taverns:* -[[Pig N' Sailor]] *Weapons and Armor:* -[[The Blade Forge]] -[[Iron-Skin and Leather]] -[[The Swift Huntsmen]] *Magic:* -[[Green Cauldron]] -[[Sara's Scrolls]] *General Stores:* -[[The Adventurer's …

  • Werral

    The middle continent, home to the countries of Flaza, Contran, and [[Fhelra]]. All three countries are peaceful and have similar climates- temperate and lush plains and forests. The occasional scattered desert or the mountains at the far edges of the land …

  • Fhelra

    The middle country on the continent of Warrel, home to 4 regions. * [[Geneda]] * Havera * [[Hutera]] * Mugara