The Star of Erythnul

A shaft of iron headed by a skull of your foe with spikes shooting out of it.

weapon (melee)

-Skull is veiwed as the skull of the viewer’s most hated enemy (If you hate dwarves more than anything, it will be a dwarf skull)
- +1 atk/dmg
- -1 AC
- Excess damage caused to kill an enemy jumps to the nearest enemy or ally (chooses enemy first, but if only allies are adjacent jumps to them).


Created by a small cult dedicated to Erythnul, this weapon was used centuries ago in a raid against Heronious’ disciples and his plane. The cultists’ plan failed and the Star was lost to the records of man. It has turned up in an abandoned keep that was recently begotten by the Count Jerald of Geneda. The Cleric of Pelor, Palice Thunderhoof took it to a Seredian magic shop to identify it and claimed it in the name of Pelor.

Later on his travels and adventures, Palice was wielding the Star in one-on-one combat when his opponent caught him off guard and smashed the Star into pieces. Broken and beyond repair, Palice drew his old mace to finish the combat. After all was done, no one bothered to retrieve the fragments of the Star, so they still rest in the hobgoblin armory in Wyvern Mountain as far as anyone knows.

The Star of Erythnul

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