Runed Book

23 Artifacts of Syvega


-Magical barrier making the book resistant to deciphering, scrying, detecting, translating or otherwise revealing its secrets.

-Immune to fire, water, magical and physical damage due to magical barrier.


This book was recovered from Blueoak Keep during the attack by the party to retake it from the Scarlet Shadow. It is an ancient text which holds many of the secrets and locations of the 23 Artefacts of Syvega. While near impossible to decipher, Sara Helgen has been able to find out enough information to point to the first one, which happens to be 3 days travel from Seredia.

Sara Helgen is still in possession of the book and is working under Count Jerald to decipher more of it after she sent part of the group on a quest to retrieve it for the count. However, whether or not her deciphering was correct is still to be seen. While the location where the artefact is said to rest was found, no one got far enough in to find out whether or not it really was there.

Runed Book

The 23 Artefacts of Syvega Naggash