Sir Reginald Crow

The messenger and representative for Count Jerald concerning the Help! Poster.




Reginald is the messenger for the Count and gave the group their first adventure for him. He advises them to head to Blueoak Keep and find out what the disturbances are and fix them and for a reward they will receive 100gp each along with recognition in the court of Count Jerald. After completing the quest and clearing out the Zombies, the players came to realize that Reginald may have known the threat was greater than he made it seem.

However, after giving the group their reward, he tells them that Count Jerald may want to talk to them about their findings, leading them to their service to Count Jerald of Geneda.

Throughout the next couple of weeks he worked with the group, giving them and aiding them in their quests, such as he investigation for Blueoak Keep and directing them to Sara Helgen for their runed book.

However, once Wilbur and Orville joined up, at a town meeting, Orville suddenly and unexpectedly killed Sir Reginald Crow with Adder. This resulted in mass chaos, with the verdict being that Orville was on drugs and now must come clean or die.

Sir Reginald Crow

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