Count Jerald


At first when finding yourself in Seredia, a small town, you have no doubt heard of the Count Jerald of Geneda who owns the town as well as the village of Ica and lives and runs in the town of Jera. While not much is talked about the Count, his reputation leans more toward that of a good man than a corrupt politician.

The only major information you knew about him was that his motto that he seems to live up to according to his villagers: “A good man can try to lead, but a great leader serves.”

His messenger, Sir Reginald Crow sent you on a mission to clean up the disturbances in Blueoak Keep, just over the border of the scourgelands in Geneda. After dispatching the threat you were set to meet with the Count.

After meeting Count Jerald, you were asked to work as him by taking up residence in Blueoak Keep and serve as his right-hand-men in the scourgelands, completing some other quests for him. He promised that after these quests were completed you would get the cleaned up Blueoak Keep, along with all the servants assigned to it for yourself.

Count Jerald

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