The 23 Artefacts of Syvega


- Sent to find Pentes
- Met Wilbur and Orvill in tavern – how convenient
-Woo hoo we’re going to find Pentes
- Would you look at that, tents and the scarlet shadow
- Orvil and wilbur try to sneak around, they make a noise.
- I point at them lololololol
- I charge at them, Wilbur breaks down wall like a big dum dum
- We fight, we win
- We open the next tent, after yelling Pentes. No ones there
- Orvil finds trap door under bed.
-Proceed down hall.
-Open door – I walk into gelatinous cube
-Everyone pokes it down, especially the Jester with the cross bow.
-Mean while, archerers line up around the raised part of the room
- Thorillina surfs the dude down stairs.
- Next room, presumably the last room, id closed. We set up a trap. We hide behind the stairs while travis knocks on the door, runs down the stairs, and put grease on the stairs.
They fall for it. I go to 1 hp through all of that, Craigs horse almost dies, as well as travis.
Pentes is captured, we win.



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