The 23 Artefacts of Syvega

Gizmodo's Legend

Mechanical Dragons and Extortioner Bandits

Ah hello there, back for more, hm? Well, let me tell you- the group has divided again. This time, they took the form of two groups. The first group consisted of the martial fighters- Thoril and Giana, Norm, and Rin. The second… well, let’s just say you haven’t met them yet. And as for Rolf and Palice? Well, that’s a quick story- the town needed them, Rolf as an interim Guard Captain and Palice was need to heal the unusually high number of sick and wounded at the moment.

Mechanical Dragons…

Well, let me tell you about that first group, eh? After hearing through Sir Reginald Crow that Sara Helgen had made some splendid progress on their runed tome, they headed on over to see what she had found. It was astounding, she believed that they came across a book detailing the location of one of the famed 23 Artefacts of Syvega, or possible more!

You see, back in the ancient times and throughout history, there have been those few people in the world that were closer to the deities in their ways than other mortals. Not all of them are known to any one person today, but rumor has it that over the years there were somewhere from ten to fifteen of these greats that together crafted these 23 artefacts. Some of these greats knew each other, and those in the different eras knew of those before them presumably.

Whatever the case, Gizmodo Gadgetzan was an extremely genius and curious gnome engineer. Centuries or millenniums ago he was crafting items and machines beyond even our understanding today. And what was more interesting, is that he left possibly one or more of his artefacts only 3 days away from Seredia! Beyond that knowledge the information eluded Sara Helgen but she was able to draw the four adventurers a map at the least.

Knowing now that the Count also wished to find the artefact and that the group was still under obligation to the Count for Blueoak Keep to continue questing for him, they set off with their rations and supplies for the location on the map. Sara had pinned the location somewhere along the north-west portion of the mountain range surrounding the scourgelands and the trek brought them past their new and future home.

After stopping in at the keep they dropped off Frank and whatever other belongings that had to be put into their room. And overnight stay ensured them that they’d have a shorter overall trip from their point of rest. In the morning the next day they left and headed straight towards the dungeon, most of the path to which was on a long-forgotten and barely visible road. The only discerning difference between the road and the ground were the small pebbles and rocks found off of the path.

A day into the journey they witnessed some humanoids out in the distance. Wary of zombies and other evils out in the scourgelands they ignored them and kept walking, making sure they stayed out of sight. That night however, they noticed a faint light out in the distance. Slowly it approached them. It became obvious by the bobbing of the light and the sound of footsteps that it was a person. When asked who, they replied that they were Sadie, a cleric of Pelor. They allowed her to approach more and saw that she spoke the truth. She explained her plight of her missing comrades and their failed mission against a Scarlet Shadow base for Count Jerald. The group decided that she could join them to their destination and return with them to Seredia when they finished.

Everyone in agreeance, they resumed their night shifts and headed out the next day with their new companion. Eventually they reached what they believed to be their destination. Built into the mountainside was a building of ancient stone and an iron door. No handle was in sight on the door, nor was any other means of entry. Norm climbed atop the building and saw that the roof was as solid as the walls, and after another look around, jumped back down. The only thing out of place that they saw was a small opening next to the door with thin, metal plate that spun on an axle.

When they touched and spun the plate a deep voice spoke to them in a language unbeknownst to them. They puzzled for a bit, unable to figure out the language or what to do, when finally in a rage Norm ripped the plate out of the wall. In that instant, the door slammed down almost squishing Norm under its weight. The door then again yelled at them in a foreign language and it became obvious that the door was alive. The door then flopped around slamming onto the group- or at least trying to. After a long, tiring battle the door finally stopped moving and became smashed and ripped apart. Inside were gears and other mechanical wonders beyond the minds of the group.

With the door now open, the entered the building and the first room was lit up brilliantly by spheres of light around the room that seem to magically light up. In the middle of the room a large slab of rock with writing all over it stood prominently. Doors identical to the one that had come alive stood at either end of the room to the left and right. Before examining the slab, they looked at the doors and saw that these had handles and did not appear to be alive.

Norm then took a look at the slab, and did not get much out of it. Another look and he though he discovered some short blurbs of text talking about doors, which they assumed had something to do with the living door they fought. With that, they tackled the room to the left first. Not much was to be found in this room, which was more like a messy walk-in closet. Scattered and rusted tools littered the floor and nothing of interest aside from a few forgotten coins on the ground.

Seeing that the door on the right was the only way left to go, they went in and found a larger room with two additional doors in here. In addition to these doors were more scattered tools and a workbench. Quickly looking over the workbench produced some floating, animated hammers which swung at every person. Luckily, the group was able to easily defeat and smash the hammers before the hammers could do the same to them.

-Me and Jason
-went to school of thieves
-Told too steal the mayors underwear
-Went to mayors house….bbroke in….found underwear…..Stole it…..left him in the bathroom
- Next day…..
-Went to town center…commotion….
-guy trying to take over the town….
- Juggle….
-Fight people…..
-Throws a bench….
-Kill him…
-gg no re…
-told to go and fight sarclet shadow



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