The 23 Artefacts of Syvega

A Murder of Crow

- So the party got back from capturing Pentas. They went to meet Sir Reginald Crow outisde of the Seredian Tavern, Pig ’N Sailor. They handed over Pentas, and each got 100g in return, although Palice pointed out that Crow agreed to an extra 25g each so Crow coughed up the dough. Pentas was to be held in the single Jail Cell of Seredia until the town figured out what to do with him at the town meeting. Crow invited the adventurers to join in on the meeting.

- There was some time inbetween the party’s arrival and the town meeting so the adventurers had some extra time to do whatever they wanted.
Palice: Got crazy drunk
Rolf: Did nothing (Craig didn’t get there yet)
Giana & Thoril(ina): Just rested I think
Orville and Wilbur: Decided to stalk Crow out of Distrust and just plain Jest. Since Crow just sat in the tavern all day reading his notes, Wilbur decided to steal them. WIth Orvilles comical distraction, Wilbur was able to sneak up behind crow without him noticing, but right when the notes were in reach they fell off of the table onto the barkeeps side. “Oh no Crow don’t worry I’ll get those for you” said Wilbur. “Oh w-w-well okay, I mean the barkeep could just get them but okay thanks” Wilvur jumped over the table and as he was picking up the notes noticed that the two main options for Pentas’ fate was #1: Kill him, or #2: Interrogate and THEN Kill him.

- The town meeting ensued thereafter and the adventurers, as well as Crow, all sat together. How cute. Anyway, the meeting started and with massive restraint, The Jester managed to NOT grease the stage where the mayor stood. Good on you, Orville.
– So the mayor started discussing and slightly recapping what we knew about Pentas. He was a scout general for Scarlet Shadow, He had a Snake Blade, they don’t know where the Snake Blade is.
– Wilbur whispered to Crow and asked what the ‘Snake Blades’ were. The Snake Blades alone are not much of a problem to a skilled fighter, but when their blades and poison combine, they are said to fuse into an Artefact of Syvega. The Snake Blade. Gardner, Adder, ?, ?, ?, and Anaconda reaching from smallest to biggest, though not knowningly if bigger means better or more powerful. Orville unbeknowest to everyone, but the party at this time wields the Adder Blade.
– Next on the agenda was what the fate of Pentas would be.
Giana: made a convincing arguement that we should get info out of Pentas before killing him.
Palice: Was still crazy drunk so Thoril(ina) escorted him outside. (THEY FUKED LOL)
Rolf: Derp
Wilbur & Orville: As members and honorary members of the thieves/assasin guild/school have been ordered to just kill all of the Scarlet Shadow so they voted to just kill Pentas on the spot. The sooner he was dead the better.
– As the meeting was starting to close someone mentioned that Pentas could use Divination magic to call others to his location. Just then a peasant bursted through the doors and screamed ’We’re under attack!!!!’
– The town guards, along with Rolf, all went on the initiative to counter the Scarlet Shadow. Him and the Guards exchanged hits, as well as men, consistantly.
– Meanwhile, Giana, Orville, Wilbur, and Palice went to the holding cell were Pentas was.
- The larger part of the party told the guards that they needed help, so they ran out to join the fray. Wilbur forgot to ask for the key to the cell though so he had to run out of the building to catch up with the guards to get it. Orville and Wilbur decided to let Giana get some info out of Pentas, saying that the Scarlet Shadow essentially wanted to make pacts with demons in order to rule the world. He also stated that none of the other members of the Scarlet Shadow probably had a snake blade because his was passed down from his family. Then to prove that Giana wasn’t a demon child, Wilbur asked Giana to kill Pentas. The child, eager to clear her name, relentlessly murdered Pentas. Orville took a torch from the wall, and lit Pentas’ corpse on fire so he couldn’t be ressurected. Wilbur locked up the cell, still with key, and the party went to aid in battle.
- As the party arrived, Rolf and the guards seemed to be doing pretty damn well against the Scarlet Shadow until one from out of the ordinary with an axe, I believe, started maiming guards left and right.
Rolf: Charged many S.S destroying them in one hit with his mighty war pony.
Giana & Thoril(ina): Fought with shortword and wit to take down a couple.
Palice: Showed that clerics didn’t just have to be heal bots in order to aid in battle, and attacked the S.S
Wilbur: Accidentally threw one of his swords, almost hitting an S.S, and kept trying to run over to it. His brother got hit twice while on his way, though so in order to protect his brother, Wilbur decided to try out some jump attacks he had been working on and with only one sword vanquished both foes. And then ran back to retrieve his sword.
Orville: Spun around with Adder and Dagger to attack his foes with comical force.
- The big bad axe S.S managed to knock Rolf off of his pony, though, and was attacking him without hesistation. After disposing of the lesser Scarlet Shadows the group all ganged up on the bigger one. With a single strike from the Jester, the Big Baddie fell, and the group went back to resume the town meeting.

- With the S.S defeated and Pentas dead there was nothing more to discuss at the moment, although future plans had to be made. Crow stated that the adventurers could either travel far away in pursuit of the Anaconda Snake Blade, or stay closer to town and defeat the Scarlet Shadow forces closer to home. After much debate between Giana and Wilbur, the group was about to reach a descision when the voices in Orvilles head forced him to weild his Adder against Crow, and kill him. Orville stabbed Crow through the neck, poison gushing out of his mouth. He fell to the ground and let out a last “S-s-plendi..d..” before losing all muscle control and life. His skin started to peel, as a snakes does, and the entire room was silent.

- And then EVERYONE BURSTED OUT WITH ARGUEMENT screaming and chaos ensued. Giana flipped out and started screaming bloody murder and the guards came close to Orville incase he tried anything else. An arguement between Giana and Wilbur, Orville’s brother, esued. Giana saying that Orville should be executed and Wilbur saying that no one really liked Crow anyways, who gives a shit?

- The mayor decided to hold a vote between Giana, Rolf, Wilbur, and Palice to decided Orvilles fate. At first there was no arguement from Wilbur, he said sure lets just keep Orville in jail, but Giana remembered that Wilbur still had the key to the jail cell. The guards searched Wilbur, but found nothing. He was able to hide the key on himself. Paper an pencil were passed between the four adventurers for them to list. #1. Why would Orville Kill Crow. #2. What should we do to Orville. #3. Why should we do it?

- Four ballots were passed in, and four ballots were read. One, that Rolf had crappily written by crow was disqualified. Palice’s stated that Orville should be set free for he is one of the greatest fighters and we needed him to overcome the S.S. One was sent by an anon source saying that Orville should be executed. And one, with a succesful forgery check, was from Giana & Thoril(ina) saying that Crow was a Double agent for the S.S and Orville should be freed immediately!

- Giana grew enraged and denied that she wrote that because it was signed by her AND Thoril(ina) and Thoril(ina) can’t write! Wilbur was the one who forged the note (Though no one knew it at the time) and made the mistake of signing Thoril(ina)’s name. He only knew them for 5 days so its understandable.

- Having gained nothing from the ballots, the mayor asked Orville personnaly why he killed them. Orville leaned back. Took out some ‘Z’. Said..
- As the mayor was about to pass the ruling for Orville, that he should be killed due to his addiction and uncontrollable nature. Captain Steven Leowitz bursted through the door and said ‘WAIT. I once had a drug problem with ’Z’. If I can overcome it than Orville can too!’ One by one members of the crowd stood up and confessed their addictions as well. The Mayor decided to keep Orville alive under the condition that Wilbur and Giana both watched over Orville to make sure he didn’t do anything crazy. The kitten under Orville’s hat is now named Leowitz.



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